Closing The Sale - TIP

hey guys,
Ok…you are asking what does a Electrician/Inspector know about closing the sale. Well consider this is part of what i teach electricians in my seminars for Eaton towards service call providers…and one thing always holds true…

  1. Sell yourself and not your association
  2. If you spent the time selling yourself then dont forget to ASK for the sale…

I find alot of people do a great job sellin themselves only to walk away without ASKING for the sale…you need to always close the deal and learn to overcome rejection.

But if you have someone who says they are shopping around, need to ask the hubby and what have you ( they are trying to say no)…here is a great closing line if at the end you are not getting the sale…tell them this ( and only if you really mean it )

Say - Mr. or Mrs. (fill in here) i understand this is a huge purchase and i want you to know i am here fo you even if you do not use me…my main concern here is for your well being so even if you choose someone else please feel free to call me anytime with questions…i am her for you regardless.

Conclusion - They will say…maybe to themselves that this guy/gal would help me even if i did not pick them…

Chances are increased you will get the call because you show you care…it does work but the catch is…you really need to care.

“I care”… very good point.

Great point Paul. I refuse to beg someone to use my services (over the phone).

I always use a typical approach. If they are price shopping, at the closing of the phone call, I always wish them luck with their new home and tell them if they have any questions, please don’t be shy.

I had one client tell me that they book with me because they didn’t feel pressured when they called me for prices.

Exactly David…!!

And Good Post Paul…!!!

Fantastic advice

Closing The Sale - TIP12/17/07 10:32 AMLook guys…You try to help people and they STILL give you a negative post without a name…classic…some people just need to GROW UP…

I made up for the as$hole Paul. I gave you a greenie.