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Could use some advise from you well-seasoned pros…

Our company is just in it's inception stages; we started doing business a little over a month ago and have landed three clients. To some, this might sound really good; to others may sound really bad. We want to do an average of 4~5 a week.

Thing is, I've had about 10 phone call leads that all probally were real buyers but I didn't close the sale.

My question is: Can you offer a newbe some telephone [scripts] or comments on how to get the phone caller to "sign on the line"?

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Michael, what is their objection to your closing? Do you offer a closing or do you wait until they say okay? You should lead the call from the time you say hello. Part way through the conversation, say I have an opening on … do you have a preference on the time that day, of course steering it to when it is convenient to you. If they have any objections they will voice them now. That gives you a chance to overcome any of their objections rather than them hanging up with unanswered questions. DO NOT tell them I have an opening the next day, unless you precede it with I had a cancellation of an appointment tomorrow, would you like me to do it then. That leads them to believe that you are taking care of them, but also that you are not brand new and you don’t have any appointments scheduled. The appointment you are cancelling for them may be watching Oprah, but it is an appointment for you. Good Luck,

Dave Bush

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Let’s see. I had one person say they’ve not yet signed a contract & they’ll “call back” after the signature takes place. One who says she “can’t make such a decision without her husband”. One says closing is 2 months off & they’ll call to do the inspection in 6 weeks. Things like this.

Also have had a couple of them saying things to the effect of "I'm not ready to decide who to hire".

I always try to close the deal. I like Dave's suggestion of early-on stating that I have an opening....... Have now tried it once and the caller just seemed unresponsive and un-communicative. He didn't ask questions or answer with more than minimal responses. Will continue to try it!

Other ideas to get our lil' company going? We will try 'em all. 'icon_biggrin.gif'

For a new inpsector, what would you say is a reasonable percentage of calls to sales ratio?

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I do believe you are not having a phone problem you are having a direction problem. As stated above, most callers have no idea of what they should be asking, such as your qualifications, experience, licensing or certifications. You need to lead them by the hand and make them feel comfortable with their decision to use your company.

As for the question, what is a good ratio to calls vs. scheduled jobs, that is an easy one. 100% Not only is that obtainable, I do it all the time.

One thing you will want to watch out for is the price shopper. When they call to schedule you should reaffirm they should be looking for the best, not the cheapest. Don't waste your time thinking you could have had the job if you would have discounted, the price shoppers are usually the worst clients.

Joe Myers