Cloth service entrance...

I discovered today that a few insurance providers (and more are climbing on this bandwagon) are requiring the replacement of any cloth covered service entrance cables regardless of condition prior to providing HO insurance to buyers. Anyone else hear of this in your neck of the woods? This was new to me and I shall be adjusting my reports accordingly.

I have never heard this but it is typical insurance extortion that is getting more and more popular.

Insurance companies and lawyers will be the downfall of this country!

I hear ya!

Insurance companies are like an “independent state” in any state. They just don’t know what else to add to their list of “dangerous goods”: K&T, AL wiring, oil tanks, what’s next?

WHAT…do I detect an anarchist in ya Peter…:wink: …lol

I guess I have never seen this. My insurance agent is 150 miles away and nobody from Allstate has ever seen my house. I don’t know anyone else who has had a pre-insurance inspection.
There is an inspection program now in Florida but it is voluntary and is just to show the insurance company you have upgraded hurricane protection from what the prevailing standard was when you house was built.