Cloth wiring/four point

On the citizens four point, if there is any cloth wiring in the panel do you make note of it and select the knob and tube/cloth wiring box. And in general should you write up any cloth wiring and inform the client on a home inspection about insurance issues with it?

If it is there and the form asks I would suggest you mention it :slight_smile:

Doing a home Inspection I would write it up as a safety issue that needs to
Improved immediately by a qualified person.

Make sure that you know what “cloth wiring” is before you note in the 4pt. There are plenty of threads here on it.

That’s another thing, I was looking online trying to figure out picture wise about cloth wiring, and I seen there are different types, so I am confused.

That’s my point. Normally cloth wiring is basically the same vintage and composition as K&T. This is how the insurance companies see it anyway. Old tin coated, rubber insulated, with a cloth cover is what they are concerned with, not to be confused with braided cloth sheathed NM cable.