clothes changing colors

what can cause clothes to change colors

Dye, bleach, smoke, moisture, mildew, dust, etc…

Need more info.

Ask my wife, I’m famous at our house for changing the colors of our clothing,
when doing the wash…
Putting in clothing that is not “color-fast” will do it every time…

Certain types of mushrooms.

They make walls melt too!!!

I love questions like that

They make walls wave and move also!!!

It happens when I get a migraine!

UV rays from when on clothes line…

Dye usually works pretty good.

I saw many websites but is best ever

tabletki na odchudzanie

Ghosting and Chinese drywall.
Ghosting is caused by air flow patterns and the high amount of carbon particulate or soot. By burning a lot of inexpensive candles or when burning fires and your chimney flue is in not working properly allowing backtracking to dirty furnace filters can all cause ghosting effect.

Another probability might be Chinese drywall. Not all drywall manufactured in China is defective.
Chinese drywall is creeping up into Canada after first being discovered in Florida.
Mined gypsum contains high levels of
strontium, which is visible as inclusions in electron scanning microscopy.

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