Cloud and HIP mobile

Is the cloud service a must for using HIP mobile with the desktop version? $20 a month, I feel there is a way around this.

Don’t know about HIP but with HG it’s not a problem. I would like to know the answer about HIP also.

You have to use the cloud service.

A whole $20. OMG.

I do not believe that to be an accurate statement.

That was the response when I asked.

If you are using HIP Mobile then the cloud is required. If you’re only using the desktop version it’s not required. All mobile files are uploaded to the cloud and then our programs on Amazons servers convert the format from mobile to desktop. The servers also convert the desktop templates into mobile templates. We have to pay Amazon every time you upload and download a file, for every day each file is stored (we store up to 5 years) and for the servers the programs run on. The cloud fee helps us with those costs.

Every dollar counts when your a start-up. Perhaps you can’t remember such a time? I was just asking if there was other options. These message boards are full of useful information and informative people and then the the remaining percentage are useless comments like your own.

Thanks to everyone else who actually contributed something worth reading.

Hi James,

In case you weren’t aware, we are having a 4th of July Sale, $200 off through Monday the 6th.

When I was quite young, a friend’s father, who owned several businesses, told me that; “It was not how much you made but how much you spent that counts most.”
It has worked for me over the years. Hang in there James. :slight_smile:

I’ve already purchased both mobile and desktop early yesterday, still waiting on license files :wink:

James, Make sure you have replied to the email requesting a confirmation of your name and company name for your license file. I’m all caught up on licenses up to a few hours ago (on a plane now) and didn’t see your info.

Never received a email asking to confirm anything…

Is your email? If so, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it email with the name and company name you want on your report and the city /province you’re in.

Yup it ended up in my spam folder, In the effort to mark it as “not spam” it got deleted so I sent the information to the above email.