Cloud Computing

Cloud computing…software as a service…hosted software services…

Is anyone doing this or using these services? If so, how is it working for you? What do you like and/or dislike about it?


If you mean cloud reporting software that would be Report Host and Horizon.
HIP stores reports online also so that would be cloud .

You need to be more specific.
All cloud means is online storage much like this forum. Nice catch phrase and all I guess…

Apple just invented it …:)…yep they sure did…yep ask Steve Jobs.
Seriously go set up a drop box account if you wish to learn more about what it means.

I’ve used online storage for different things for years.
Most recently, Carbonite backup…
Cloud services are just buzzwords for server-based whatever…

Thanks Bob and Steven. I get it. No wonder my original post seemed vague. I guess we are all using these services to some degree.

I am curious if anyone is using these types of services exclusively (or at least for the majority of their computing needs). My computer had a lot of software downloaded onto the hard drive and it recently crashed. Although I am in the process of restoring what I can (I did use Carbonite), it seems to me if all of my info and applications were in the “cloud” I could replace the computer and not skip a beat. Is this wishful thinking or is anyone doing this now?

Bob, I’ll check out drop box. Thanks again.

The idea of total storage that way is still in infancy but is the goal of most large tech outfits so they can sell more in the way of apps and it would sure be hard to have a pirated copy of software if software is not really needed much.

Personally I like the cloud but wish to keep a balance so that my hard drive is portable with me and not totally dependent on a signal.

With small handheld devices and people perhaps not interested in storing info on aux drives through backups the cloud crowd will get larger.

What this most likely means is that all devises will be disposiable so that you can just simply use anything to get all your info.

Start typing a letter at home on the Desktop and simply pickup where you left off on your phone and switch to a tablet at any point as if the screen is always with you where ever you go.

That should explain a lot I hope.

It does. Thank you.

Mike, I use Google Docs, Calendar, Email, Quickbooks Online and a few other programs in the cloud. There’s others that would just be too slow on the cloud. So right now I’m about 50/50.

Use those in the cloud that you can, then back the others up to the cloud!

I would never use a cloud as my only storage. I like the idea of having a backup. Never know when their server will crash and if your information got backed up. I use PocketCloud when I am out of the office to make small changes to a document on my computer in the office. I am too rural to rely on cellular internet (the speed is slow or none existent in some areas).