Clustered North American InterNACHI inspector map. Zoom in and out.

Zoom in and out.

Cool :slight_smile: About 19 in my area I think 16 of them are dual members.

Very cool.

How did you come up with this?

It’s generated from our member database.

That is very cool.

That 2 where I am. One of us is old and needs to retire so the other one can raise his family. LOL I am sure he does not participate in the forums, although he may read them hint hint.

If the numbers are how many in an area, what is the red dot?

Major markets.

Where are you getting your market size data from? The BCCAR doesn’t completely jive with your data in my area.

I have about 80 members in the area I cover. NY is a licensed state, so add them and there are almost 200 inspectors in my area. Of the 80 members, only 8-12 attend our local chapter meetings.

We use our members’ real addresses, then shift their longitude and latitude randomly by 1/10 to 4/10ths of 1 percent to maintain address confidentiality.

HUH? That’s a bob-n-weave if I ever heard one!
If you have a community with six homes and five of them are inspector’s homes, you triangulate and extrapolate by a fraction of 1% randomly their Global position (to maintain confidentiality) and call that a large, medium, or small market?:roll:

I would think market size is related to sales data…no? I just wanted to know what you used…that’s all.:stuck_out_tongue:

Your definition of “major market” is likely more accurate than mine. Our membership data is only a reflection of the real estate market, it isn’t drawn directly from sales data. However, the disconnect between the two grows every year as more and more inspections are done on properties that aren’t involved in a real estate transaction. I now have members in the Denver chapter who have reached a tipping point where 1/2 their inspections, although originally procured from a previous real estate transaction inspection, are not involved in a transaction currently.

It needs work Nick.
Click on mine and you get Chris Currins who is 100’s of miles away.

You can “click on” something and come up with an actual member? That is news to me. I thought it linked to an page when you drilled down to individual dots.

What happens is when I click on the map and zoom in to my specific location (house) which is pretty accurate by the way and then click on the house dot is goes to a page showing all the southern Illinois inspectors which makes no sense at all.

If I click on my exact location it should show my business and not guys downstate…lol.
Come on now…we live in a Gmap world and that interface which narrows then becomes useless makes it confusing.

If I was a client would figure no Chicago inspectors or app is busted and move on.

Here let me show you.

Oh, yes, it does that instead of revealing the actual member. That was intentional to protect individual member privacy. It’s not a tool to find an individual member’s location, but rather a map that shows where all the members are in aggregate. So you can use the map to see where individual members are, but you can’t see who they are.

My place is represent in #2 then upon clicking it directly get a state wide map making the whole idea of a graphic map interphase useless.

Why bother narrowing results if simply thrown backwards ?

Images out of order on my screen shots as the text list is what shows upon clicking a close up map.



Yes, that is how it works. Once you get down to the individual dot, it throws you to a page intentionally. So you can use the map to see where your fellow members are, but you can’t see who they are.