Cluttered conditions

I am sure most home inspectors have had this situation and arrive and find themselves in a house that is in a cluttered & in disaray condition. I just did the best I could. I almost walked away.

The mother made the comment to the daughter on the wonderful job that they have done to clean up the house. I was like WWHHHAAATTT.

This house was a mess. It actually made for a quick inspection. I must of said & noted in my report numerous times… House is full of clutter & storage & the inspection was limited.

They ask are you going to inspect the walls, I said I would if I could find them.:shock:


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And when they move it will be about three weeks for the next place to look the same …
Did Two just like this earlier this month . One so bad almost lost yesterdays supper .
Fortunately both clients had the ability to see how the place could be cleaned up.
The owner offered to give the purchaser Three Thousand dollars if he could leave the garbage . He said no it must be broom clean. ( good Luck ).

Roy Cooke Sr.

Wow your service area is huge. That looks like one I did here in Burleson, Texas. I did call the client and said that the water and gas were off, most of the light bulbs were burned out and there was stuff totally blocking access to the attic stairs so no inspection of the attic mechanicals or attic space, etc. I told him that so much was inaccessible or un-inspectable that it would be one huge disclaimer of a report. He said just do what I could and they would pay me.






Oh and then there was the general funk throughout the kitchen, trying to smoke a brisket using the burnt food in the bottom of the oven for flavor, some type of science experiment growing in the refrigerator, and the furry return registers that haven’t seen a clean filter since Clinton was in office. Oops forgot about the long forgotten courtesy flush. That smell was something to behold.

Walking around the various bags, boxes and other stuff I just knew I was going to get attacked by a rat, roaches, or some other critter. I didn’t bother wearing my “inside” shoes when I got into that house. Just kept my work boots on in case I needed to defend myself. I was afraid to stand in one spot too long as I figured my boot would be stuck permanently to the floor.






Far too often these folks live in such squaller for so long even they can’t stand it, so rather than clean up their own filth they try to sell the home and move to another to start all over again. Thank God I do not see more than two or three a year but they are always memorable. Hogs live better than some people do. The amazing thing is there is usually a giant screen TV somewhere in the home and enough dirty clothes on the floors and draped over furniture to clothe a refugee camp. Easier to just go buy new clothes than to crank up the old washing machine. Once did a home worst than any of these shown, the only room in the whole house that was remotely clean was the laundry. We figured they never went in there.

Don’t forget the required portable oxygen machine and smoke stains on the walls.

And take pride in the fact that you bought them that big screen TV with their EIC tax refund.

I hear ya…

Funny you should mention the big screen TVs there were 2 in this house. One huge one in the garage of all places and one in the “TV” room. There were 3 more largish (32"+) regular TVs in other rooms in the house. This was a divorce situation and the wife had long ago abandonded the house so thank goodness nobody was living there. The sad thing is that the wife was apparently given a large settlement and this was the result.

This one didn’t have oxygen tanks but it did have a variety of what I believe was dental equipment. There were two chairs and some sort of suction/drilling equipment in the garage as well as a couple more pieces that looked looked like they were used to administer nitrous.

I guess that in these circumstances, I would advise the Client that today is not a good day to provide you with the condition of, which would include the walls, floors, electrical for these areas.

Gotta do what you gotta do. If you can’t do it, write it accordingly.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The folks with the giant screen TVs and a Hummer in the driveway will also be the ones to tell the landlord “Im going to have a little trouble making the rent this month.”

Well…yes. Quite frankly if I had a Hummer (by some strange miracle) I would still have trouble making the rent. :wink:

The TV is really just waaaaaay too extravagant however. Way over the top. :wink: