CMI Christmas Party online here on Monday, December 16, 2013.

Be here!


What time?

So is this open to all CMIs or is it exclusive to only those who are InterNACHI members?

I’m curious, why are some CMIs moderated on the CMI forum?

Open to all CMIs.

Because InterNACHI hosts the CMI forum, InterNACHI reserves the right to moderate non-members, even if they are CMIs.

Will NACHI members who are not a CMI be able to participate ???

the day is open so far…

Yes, they have their own Christmas party going on at the same time here on this message board.


What time does it start Nick?

So are you going to wait and check time stamps before you declare winners?

Looking forward to our Christmas party! Thank you Nick.


Strange how so many questions from the newer Homies .

This is not the first time for things like this and it always has run exceptionally well .
Thanks to Nick and NACHI for a great deal of fun .

So then CMI who aren’t also InterNACHI members get treated differently and are basically made ineligible to participate fairly because you impose moderation/censorship in the CMI forum - is this correct?

Just want to make sure I know how you roll.

Join then.


I’m surely not the only CMI who is not a InterNACHI member.

I thought CMI was supposed to be independent and separate from InterNACHI…

It’s a different organization altogether, but not completely separate from InterNACHI. Lots of connections and overlap between the two groups plus several joint ventures.

When does the party start?

In the morning.