CMI designation, how has it impacted your business

As a new InterNACHI CPI who is fully qualified to apply for CMI,20+ years in the business, CREIA CCI since 1998. I am curious to know how adding the CMI designation has impacted your business. Has it increased booked inspections? Made no difference in booked inspections? Beyond increased business, in what ways has it made a difference for you? I am excited about the opportunity to join the CMI ranks, it is a substantial investment and I would very much appreciate hearing some of your experiences and thoughts.

Perception, perception, perception. I lost a $675 inspection because the client found someone they perceived as “more qualified”… CMI. That’s when I decided to pull the trigger. No regrets and it is now an integral part of our branding.

Thank you Dave, I really appreciate the response!


My wife and I are both CMIs have been for many years .
I feel it has helped our company considerably over the years .
I have never seen A CMI who was sorry for being a CMI .
A very few none CMIs show their jealousy of those who are A CMI.
I recommend all NACHI Inspectors who are serious about their future to join the group .

(Certified Master Inspectors (CMI) ) .

All the best Roy Cooke

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