CMI Exam

There is a document in the NACHI web site that indicates the CMI designation can be achieved by successfully passing a proctored exam. Is this true?

NO! The CMI (NACHI) does not require a proctored exam, but the one proctored exam they bitch about…:roll:

At least that’s what I know.

Damn you Erol, I did not pay attention to who posted.:roll::D:p

I hope I don’t start a mega thread. Seeking answer to a normal :shock: question by who ever wrote the article. :wink:

Hey Erol,

That was an entirely different program. It has nothing to do with CMI which is a stand alone organization, unafilliated with NACHI.

Nice try!:wink:

Unaffiliated with NACHI? A quick look at the Board of Directors, the owner, etc., sure seems to indicate otherwise. :wink:

trouble maker;)

I envy you southwestern home inspectors. Lots of money, lots of inspections, lots of sun, lots of cold drinks and In N’ Out Burgers at 4:00 A.M. :cool:

That obviously was not directed at me! :mrgreen:

They have all that in Arizona and New Mexico? I’m moving.:cool:

But they don’t have Ms Margarita

Yea, and they’ll never get her, either. She’s addicted to Blacks Beach.

In N’ Out Burger, one of my favorite memories of Las Vegas. :smiley:

mmm, a double double animal style.

In AZ, the In & Outs are only open until 1am.

So Arizona’s out. They can’t work with my schedule. Perhaps I’m stuck here? :frowning:

Isn’t it nice to be loved? :mrgreen: