CMI Forum Link and Expo Promotion

CMI Forum Now Has Link On Main CMI Site (bottom).


Also, we need some volunteers for promoting CMI at
the upcoming Las Vegas expo in Oct. 2007.

Anyone goiing? Please contact me, if you want to
man the table and promote CMI.

I plan on going If i can help i will.

I just registered with ITA. The fee is $399.00 if you register by August 17th. You also receive an additional 10% discount if your a ITA client and or Student.

Room rate at Planet Hollywood is $139.00 through ITA… I found rooms at the Tropicana for as low as $49.95… There’s a broad range of room pricing in Vegas.

OK… I will be in touch with you guys about a CMI banner
and you guys can work out the details how each of you can
work together. I will let you know more asap.