CMI Forum update

Last night the forum got trashed ( i forgot to turn on security when i was done working ) I restored what data i had backed up but i lost some. If you registered in the last week i may have lost your log in and pass word. so you may have to re register. I think i have restored full functionality but if you find something not working please let me know.

Thanks for all your hard work Hank.

After 2 weeks Certified Master Inspector Forum has reached number 8 and 14 on the Google search

What search words are you using?

Certified Master Inspector

You came up # 13

For Master Inspector it comes up #21. Still not bad for 2 weeks.


We need to get all the CMI’s to post the forum link in their
signature. This will help raise it’s search ranking.

Also putting it on the home page of there web site. thats the best location.

The CMI forum website reaches #2 on the goggle search after 3 weeks. Not too bad! Search words Certified Master