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I have added links to all CMIs on all of my web sites (6). If you become a CMI please email me and i will add your link.

Since my peers think i am unhelpful. All of my helpfull links for NACHI inspectors will be deleted.


Maybe your peers (CMI folks) are to uppity to view the message board to find your anouncement…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I do not understand .
Did you receive some private e-mails chastising your post or phone calls .
If this is the case then it is sour grapes for them .
I thought it was nice of you to do this .
Sorry you feel you are being wronged .
Roy Cooke

I think he is looking at his grey box and moving his mouse over it and reading what it says…another reason to get rid of the stupid ranking system.

I fixed it Hank…:wink:

Hell; Tony, a grey box should not bother anyone, I haven’t even figured out how the darn thing works yet. A wise man just gave it to me for no reason. ha. ha.

At least it is not red. Right?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If the CMIs did not find the post then it means that it had to be NACHI inspectors that put the bad marks on my reputation. I take my reputation very serious. Putting a black mark on a person reputation with out confronting him is the cowards way. I have always tried to help other inspectors that is why i left ASHI because they were back stabbers. I have helped teach about 10 NACHI inspectors but NO more.

you look green to me If I was red I would be upset but Grey is neutral and one vote makes you green so you have a friend or more out there sorry you are having a bad day we all have these . Remember this is NACHI and thick skin is an asset some times been there done that . Have the T Shirt but it now has Paint on it Got to go just Called for liver and Onions. That should turn some off from me OH! well life is great TTYL Roy

I took you from grey to green…thanks for all the help in the past.

I have added a positive to your rank to make up for the others.
Take a deep breath and relax. :D:D

Henry, we all start out with the dark squares…it’s neutral…and as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t mean much.

Thanks for your efforts helping others. :wink:

Actually at the time of his post…I hovered over his square and it did say he was somewhat unhelpful in the past…

Mine said that at one time…I could care less, I already know I’m slightly unhelpful…ask my ex wife.

As for Hank…he takes his role as mentor seriously…and it probably pissed him off that someone found him unhelpful…

I cannot speak for him…but I do understand.

For any who might have missed it.

Go to “control panel” and click to see what posts of yours have been “voted” on.

Henry…don’t sweat the Green or GREY box thing…I just got a green box and it still says I am not trusted…BUT we know better…I personally think it is for the birds…

I can personally vouch for Henry (Hank)!! He is here where I live locally, and he has been nothing less than a tremendous help to me.

I can also say I have witnessed him help other inspectors in the area here, and he is always willing to help.

Henry is a good man. Not only is he a good man, but one of the best inspectors you will ever find. Period.

Many others in the area here (who know him) would say the same!

So why only link to CMIs instead of other NACHI inspectors through the link exchange? Maybe a broader link exchange would bring more positive feedback if that is important to you.

Until this morning when i received my black square i had links to around 50 NACHI inspectors who requested links listed on my sites. Now due to whom ever listed the marks against me with out identifying them selfs ( cowards in my opinion ) those links are gone from all my sites.

Also the CMI listing was just posted because it took me 6 hours to create about 50+ web pages with all of the contact info for them. That was an addition to the web.

So far, I got a negative mark for making a post, noting that I got a negative mark on another post. You have to take it all with a grain of salt.

It’s not for me to say, but I think you might do well to write it off and move on with life as always. If I worried about pleasing people here, I would never get any sleep.

You Know I think you are right!!! I’m out of here.
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