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Not exactly what I meant, but whatever works for you.

Hey Henry, I think what we mean is…don’t sweat the little stuff, we’re all going to get a few of those comments. To quit posting on the BB only lets them win. We all do it to improve ourselves and help others where we can. This BB is very good source of information and that’s what makes it great. Hang in there, and don’t get discouraged:)


New York State…11/26/06 8:34 PM

Terrible BC inspectors…11/23/06 7:10 PMgood man

Terrible BC inspectors…11/23/06 6:45 PM

Question about the…11/21/06 11:12 AM

Switch Over Tub11/20/06 9:31 AM


Here’s a copy of mine. Does it make you feel any better. I wonder who gave me the red mark on the Switch Over Tub. (lol) (lol)…

I also wonder why my box remains green.

Well said Darrell. And I don’t even know how this “box thing” even works. But I do think it seems kind of redundant.

HI Henry,

Looks like your are just trying to help so I boosted your rankings.

What the hell does the red mark mean??? Are you infectious? :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh oh! That’ll go on your “permanant” record, young man!