CMI logo been used in websites Illegal???

There are folks in our area using the CMI logo as well as the InterNACHI check logo without been a member of either associations. Do we have a CMI police…:roll:

Check this guy: ****](

Any inspection: $250.00 it does not matter how big is the house or where it is (75M radious). How about that:roll:. You need Infra Red you go it is free:twisted:. He is also Infra Red certified:roll:.

That is funny.
He has click to verify he is not a member but has all NACHI logos then answers this question…

Will you fix the problems you find during the Inspection?

No. The code of ethics of The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) prohibits its members from doing repair work on properties they inspect.

thats effed up!

Hey, give him credit. He just celebrated one year in business!:mrgreen::mrgreen: has always handled this for me.

This would work as well:

I think the State might want to know about false advertising.

Maybe we can have Nick take action…
Nick this is a good one for you. Get him!

That would defiantly work better. Nick has Lisa doing too many things at a time anyway.

What’s the difference if he has 1 year experience or 10 years. We have grocery clerks here that are instant CMI’s. It’s just a gimmick anyway.

Master inspectors copying the CMI logo is nationwide. Apparently not much is being done about it.

Everyone has access.

Hey Linus, why don’t you jump in the Delorean and fast forward to this century? Or, are you going to continue to bring up something that happened 35 years ago? Grow up.

It is also pretty rich coming from someone who has been in business for all of 5 years.






Entity Name DAPKUS HOME INSPECTIONS, INC. File Number 64756516 Status ACTIVE Entity Type CORPORATION Type of Corp DOMESTIC BCA Incorporation Date (Domestic) 02/09/2006 State ILLINOIS Agent Name JAMES HALSTEAD & ASSOC Agent Change Date 02/09/2006 Agent Street Address 1503 PLAINFIELD RD President Name & Address LINAS DAPKUS 944 MARYVILLE DR LOCKPORT 60441 Agent City JOLIET Secretary Name & Address NONE Agent Zip 60435 Duration Date PERPETUAL Annual Report Filing Date 01/24/2011 For Year 2011 Return to the Search Screen

Linas, you are wrong again. You have to prove that you have 3 years experience by submitting evidence such as:


So any part-time, no, make that hobbyist inspector that played around three or more years ago, passes this requirement to become a CMI. Awesome!



There are other things as well, but, why bother reading the whole document?:mrgreen:

The part about related continuing education is a big problem for believing the requirements as real.
Seems like a phony workaround and should be turned into 1,000 period.

Should also require 5 years and not three.
Just too easy to circumvent for the logo to have any real value.

I am well aware of all the requirements, as are others. Why do you think many long-time veteran inspectors boycott the CMI designation?

I’d be happy with 15 years and 5, 000 inspections!:mrgreen:

That’s absurd. In some smaller rural towns, home inspectors only get 2 jobs a week. To accumulate 5,000 inspections would take them 50 years (1/2 a century!).

Nick, note the emoticon::mrgreen:

Because, I would qualify for those standards as well.

So what if he is an even smaller area with one job a month?
Not our problem.He needs to move and simply having less work is not a good reason to grade on a curve.

Social engineering at NACHI now? :slight_smile:
Just wait till Mike.L sees this.