CMI Logo

I’m now certified as a CMI. Where does one get the CMI Logo?


Congratulations david … Go Here

Apparently this new “CMI” has never seen the CMI web site, or the CMI separate message board section. Unbeliveable.

Thank you Roy! You other guys need to go work on your people skills…

Maybe you can’t take a hint.

My HI friend. I asked a fair question as a new CMI. Didn’t need a hint, needed and answer. Would you have said that to my face. I don’t think so. This discussion board is to be professional and helpful. You were neither.

I have seen in a few cases where Linas was actually helpful. The last time was several months back.:smiley:

what he said

I got your friend.

How many CMI’s does it take to find a Logo?

And for extra credit, do Full Time CMI’s get a different Logo?

They don’t call them “full time”. They are referred to a perpetual CMIs.

I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

You’re B.A.D.!!!

yes, …agreed…