CMI Marketing for 2011 Realtor Rally

Here’s an example of group marketing that was just completed for the upcoming Realtor Rally:






Good work, but I’m not crazy about the photos. I think website & contact information is more important.

Well this way people not only get that info, but they also get to see the person they’re contacting who will be coming into their home. People like to see the photos - subconsciously they feel like they already know the person. But of course this is all personalized designs. If someone doesn’t want photos, they won’t get photos.

Back in the pre-Civil War days, Nick was in PA & I was president of Colo NACHI.
We (all dozen or so of us, at the time!) collaborated on a trifold brochure which listed CO NACHI inspectors by region.
That was a turning point for CO A$HI, who retaliated by trying to pass legislation in CO for all inspections to be done by their organization.
It was centered in Loveland; all of our state members showed up that evening, and the crowning event was the Grand Entrance of a certain Nick Gromicko, freshly flown in from PA.
Colo NACHI squashed THAT movement like a penny on a RR track . . .
Thanks, Nick!