CMI Meeting - How To Raise Your Prices.

There will be a special meeting in the CMI chat room.
[Go to the forum and click on the “live chat” bottom at top.]

The topic will be ***“How to raise your prices”.


Thursday, August 2nd… at 8pm (Central Standard Time)
[6pm on pacific time and 9pm on eastern time]

Bring your pen and paper. Bring your own ideas.
Bring some tips that have been working for you.
Brain storming at it’s finest!!!

See you there! :wink:

Attendance is mandatory!!!

Seriously, guys…make this your priority and your designation will be of value to everyone.

Good luck with your meeting. Thanks for having it.

Sounds like a great topic, looking forward to it. Whoops, I can’t attend as I am not a CMI. Hmmm, tell me again how the CMI is not leading toward a tiered membership?

Tiered membership in what. If you offer radon is that tiered membership If you offer mold testing is that tiered membership. CMI is an experience level. I offer my experience to my customers. Sure i charge more they are paying for my experience. I don’t know it all but if you know more then me you should charge more then me. If you charge less you are hurting your self and the industry.

NACHI resources are being used to announce and promote the CMI and it’s activities. This activity has as it’s focus the important topic of how to raise your prices. This is a topic that is useful to all NACHI members but not all NACHI members can participate and benefit. To me that is tiered.

Now if the only topic discussed is “use your CMI designations as a reason to charge higher prices” then it’s not particuarly useful to the rest of us and has been mentioned many times previously but I would assume that the discussion and ideas would be broader and more useful than that.

If the only announcements of this had been on the CMI forum site and thru the CMI member email list, then I would have no cause for concern.

Nick has offered that seminar to All NACHI Chapters so there is nothing new there

The reason the cmi thread is on the NACHI site is because NACHI members requested it.

The announcement was made through many different ways. not all CMIs are NACHI

Gee Ronald the NACHI BB is being used by CAHPI ,(ASHI North) to promote their National Certification and this is very discriminatory in that CAHPI members get to do it for $500;00 and NACHI members get the chance to do the NC for $1,100:00.
I have not noticed you having any thing to say about that.
I wonder why you would say some thing when all are allowed to participate and be a CMI for the same cost.
The majority of CMIs are NACHI members and it was started and has continued to be propmated both ways .
Where as the CAHPi is strictly one way they have not promoted NACHI one little bit on there BB or treated NACHI members with any thing except disdain.
… Cookie


As I do not live in Canada, I have not followed the CAPHI / NACHI situation. So I plead ignorance of those issues and whether or not there is an analogy there.

To me, promoting this potentially useful discussion on the NACHI boards makes it tanamount to a NACHI benefit that is not available to all NACHI members. To me this type of thing makes the claim that the CMI and it’s programs and benefits are independent of NACHI a weak argument. The CMI is NACHI backed. These are just my opinions. Those who don’t agree are welcome to their opinions.

BTW, I do respect John and what he has done in the short time he has been in charge. I just don’t agree with this particular thing.

Its been announced before but ill announce it again You and anyone is welcome and incouraged to log in and post on the CMI site. Soon we will even be opening a chatroom open to the public. With John we are finely moving things forward. If you have suggestions please come over and post them.

NACHI offers NO benefits to CMI that are not available to all members.

NACHI places NO membership requirements on any members regarding
CMI. Anyone, from any association can apply or not apply for CMI.

If CMI is a second tier, then where are all the benefits, goodies, and stuff?
Why am I doing all this for no pay, when I should be a paid NACHI
staff member… whoops…I forgot, CMI is not a second tier. :mrgreen:


Thanks Ronald .
To me it is just another step in the home inspection industry.
Example some do wood destroying , some do wells some do mold, some have infra red cameras, an some have a supra key.
These all tend to set the inspector at some place different then many other Home Inspectors.
I climb roofs many do not , I rarely go into the attic,many do .
I do not do radon some do.
This I feel is up to the individual Home inspector to find the niche that suits them.
To say CMIs should not be using the NACHI site or advertising that they are a CMI is not good sense in my opinion.
If the CMIs had their own place and did not post on the NACHi site this too me would be dividing the Home inspection group and we all could loose the ability to learn from each other.
We could eventually say and do the same thing with those who have taken the time and expense to do infra red inspections and the information they give to all.
Thanks for you reply.
… Cookie

From the registration page at the CMI forum site: ***This is the message board for Certified Master Inspectors CMIs **

*I’m confused (a not unusual situation, I must admit). I thought the forum and the online meeting announced above was for CMIs only. Please de-confuse me.

I do not think it matters what you do there are going to some who are opposed to it. If CMI had a separate website exclusive, there would be complaints, if you posted everything on the Nachi BB there are going to be complaints, if you “gave” CMI to some there would be complaints. The rationale for having a CMI meeting about raising prices is to “establish” some starting points that can and will filter down to everyone. If the meeting was open to everyone at first there would be nothing but pissing and moaning, distractions, disagreements about “how” to proceed.
I for one do not understand how some think it is the CMIs responsibility to do the marketing for their business. There is nothing stopping anyone from raising their prices now. I could give a big RA if some CMI in Roosterfart, Arkansas does not raise his prices as it has no effect on me. If you think your prices can stand the scrutiny of customers for the services you offer than go for it. There were already many inspectors charging more for their services long before CMI came along and were getting it based on their experience, training and the quality of their inspections. Someone can have the latest and best software in the business but if they do not know a water heater from a gas pump it won’t make a difference. When an inspector fails to provide their customers with a good, solid and informative inspection but hands them a real pretty report with 86 pages of fluff and disclaimers it does not take long for the word to get out. It is almost as bad as the 4 page memographed checklist with nothing but yes and no responses checked off.
I’m not here to make your business successful; that is your job. If I can help in any way I will but do not look to me or anyone for that matter to make you a great businessman / inspector. Some people will grow their business while others will stand around wanting others to drag them along while they bitch and complain about everything. These are usually the same one who never pursue or search for any kind of advanced training to compliment their initial HI training. In the current market, if you are not out there beating the bushes and making yourself visible you got no one to blame but yourself if you fail at this. Spend less time in here and more time “out there”.

The MB is just like this one it has a members section and a open section.

OK, I registered at the Inspector level. The chat area says it is “off limits” to me and that circles me back to my original point. Please understand, I don’t have any problem with the CMIs having a private board and discussing things in private. My only point was that promoting a sub-group of members in a NACHI venue in not appropriate. And with that, I think this particular horse has been flogged enough.

If you have any good ideas in your meeting, please consider sharing with the rest of us.

You are now able to access the inspectors area. I have to Arther any one above guest.

That is one of the main things for the CMIs. To support and help the industry. Sure we want to raise our fees but the public will only accept so much when you have inspectors like we do in colorado and do them for 125.00 on a check list.

Hey Henry;

Sorry to keep bugging you about the message board. The page loads are taking from 12-30 seconds over at CMI. It showed no traffic on the site except for me.

It’s not on my end. I’ve got three separate computers and three different internet access providers. All three are slow with regard to the CMI message board.


Yep I’m in the process of changing servers This one is crap But it may take a couple days to resolve it. On top of that comcast has an outage so i am limited to what i can do on line. I’m having such a Wonderfull day. But the site is up and the chat room is running fast. I may or may not be able to login for the meeting.

After a week and a half of yelling at them. ( My Grump side ) they said my php is broken ( I have no idea what a php is ) But they said they patched it and it should run fine until they repair it permanently. At least that should keep it up until i can transfer everything over to a new server.