Cmi Meeting News


Bill Merrell of the Merrell Institute, has agreed to start holding CMI educational
live chat meetings for us. He brings years of experience, online materials,
videos, and a variety of tools to the CMI table.

Thanks go to Bill Merrell for his service to all the CMI’s.

The monthly CMI educational live chat meetings take place every
fist Tuesday of the month at 8 pm (cst) at the CMI forum. An
outline and content of the educational material will be posted
several days before the live chat meeting, so everyone can
have time to review it in advance.

Then on the day of the live chat meeting you can go to
the CMI forum and punch the “Live Chat” button near the
top of the page and be part of the Q&A meeting.

Be sure you are registered ahead of time so you can get in.
An email announcement will be sent out several days in advance
to inform everyone of the topic for the meeting so you can
go to the CMI forum and review the materials.

The live chat meeting will be for spontaneous Q&A and
interaction about the educational topic at hand.

So far we have had two meetings that have covered such
topics such as…


Each meetings is good for 1 hour of CE units for NACHI
annual educational requirements.

Special thanks go to Henry Valenzano, the site administrator,
for providing the forum and chat room.

See your there!

Thanks for the upgrade I need all the help I can get some times .
… Cookie

Me too. I am looking forward to the meetings with Bill.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

The first meeting will be more of a questions forum which will begin on as scheduled next week. Before I set forth the multiple topics, which many inspectors desire information about, I wanted to have more of a meet and greet meeting to discuss, regionally what was the most important topics for CMI’s in different regions of the country. Only this way, we can reasonably benefit all CMI’s with interesting and informative materials to benefit your business.

I look forward to helping in any way I can, and am always at the ofice for questions. I can be reached at 631-563-7720

I look forward to our meeting next week- I will post more psecifics on Friday for CMI’s at the actual CMI forum.

Thanks again.

Thanks Bill.