CMI Meeting Open To ALL ($25 Door Prize)

:cool: CMI Educational Meeting.
(Thanks to Henry Valenzano for providing the fourm)

Press the chat button on the top of the page to attend the live chat meeting.
Be sure to get registered before the meeting.

**CMI Educational Monthly Meeting ARE OPEN TO ALL
(1 hr CE unit for InterNACHI members)

Note From Bill Merrell: This Tuesdays class (Dec. 4th at 8pm CST)

This class will be presented by George Wells, CMI from
"Electrical Do’s and Don’t’s During an Inspection"

George volunteered to offer a discussion for this Tuesday’s meeting. I believe he will
offer a very informative 1 hour presentation/discussion.

Don’t forget, CMI Forum at 8pm CST- This Tuesday (Dec 4th)

**“Inspectors helping Inspectors” at no charge. Thanks Guys!!!

BTW… $25 Home Depot gift card - door prize will be awarded during the
meeting , if you can be the first to answer the inspector quiz question … :mrgreen: