CMI Meeting Postponed to October 9th, 2007

I want to apologize for any inconvenience which may be caused by my having to postpone the meeting this evening to next week as a result of the passing of a long time friend.

I want to spend time with them in arrangements, and as such was asked to be available this evening, only this afternoon.

If possible, I will have a power point presentation and a video on-line for the postponed date and time of next week- October 9th, 2007 same time and channel.

questions? e-mail me

I inputted all the information in the CMI Forum so everyone would be advised of the change as a result of this passing.

Log on to the CMI Message Forum for more information.

Thanks Bill. :slight_smile:


What happened to the three year experience requirement? I looked at the CMI application and could not find this requirement.

I have been in this industry for less than three years. I have my application signed and notarized but did not mail it because you posted that one must have three years experience. Can you please clarify.

It hit a snag called “lawyers”. It is being worked on.