CMI Not On The Front Burner

Some how I get the feeling that Michael Rowan (Ameripro),
the new Executive Director of the Board of Certified Master
Inspectors (CMI) does not place CMI on the front burner
of his priorities.

Notice which designations and association he promotes
foremost and with the most verbiage at the links below.

Is it wrong for me to desire a leader that would please try
to look like he is not creating something to take the
place of CMI… or at least act like he has not taken over
the position so he can suffocate it, while giving life to
other interest.?

Micheal promotes ASHI upfront, that is easy to see.
He promotes his MBI over the CMI designation, thats
easy to see. Why is our leader making CMI’s second
class citizen now?

He does not list NACHI on his credentials either,
he is still putting ASHI first.

And where the h*** is the new President of CMI?
Scott whats his name?

Come on… this is starting to look like a joke guys.

Is there anyone at the wheel?

I compliment your continued great posts John!

Which organization is listed first under the professional associations on the site you referenced? I see NACHI first.

I also see a significantly larger NACHI logo, placed first on the left column where org affiliation logos are listed.

He does appear to be promoting the MBI more prominently, but in my opinion it also appears to be a more substantial designation. I have never been a fan of the CMI program (no secret there) but I don’t think it has had what I would call truly active or aggressive leadership since it’s inception, so I don’t see the lack of communication as anything new.

If I had bought into the previous CMI stuff, I would probably be pretty steamed, too.

This is Nick’s hand picked guy, though, so I doubt this is going on without his knowledge and consent.

I think we need some thoughts from CMI inspectors at to what we think the program needs and does not need.

Perhaps a mold, electrical, roof, etc endorsement based on experience and training would be in order.

All this should be “advanced” not basic background. If CMI is to become a larger “gold star” for inspectors lets expand on the original idea

PR and marketing must come from the top - and right now I am not seeing anything.


worse than who’s listed first on this site. The locator can’t “find” a CMI within 100 miles of me. I assume it’s really only looking for BMI’s

It get’s better. Email is returned undeliverable from each of two methods on the site so there is no way to “inform” them of the discrepancy…

CMI has it’s drawbacks, everything does but if they’re going to put it up…

Nick is watching and waiting for this tree to bear fruit…
So we shall see.

The tree is dead

Email problems can be fixed in a day – If not, take the bad email off the site and put one in that does work.

This is not professional for a gold star group of inspectors

Something tells me that we are going to have to go proactive on this one and take the program over

If well all took our name off the site it sure would look funny

Remember it is not bad inspectors - it is the program’s leadership that is not up to speed - non working emails is just the start

I should think that this would be a professional black eye that would drill down to ones business


Here is the real CMI web site

Michael Rowan was given the chance to lead CMI
into something better and it turns into a half
done web site, along with his other half done
web store fronts.

Just look at Rowan’s site and click on all his half start up
web stores. None of them have much traffic and
many are just web skeletons that are incomplete
ideas, that are still not finished.

CMI has joined the Rowan skeleton grave yard.


Thank for the time and the report -

This seems to be Mikes way of living - Thank goodness the side does not have much traffic that would hurt the profession



I think that vendors are like most other things we see at NACHI, and that is that the cream will rise to the top and the sediment will find its way to the bottom. Hyperbole and glitz will take you so far but, sooner or later, you gotta be able to deliver what you say or you find your keystrokes echoing in an empty forum…much like Rowan’s are, today.

In all fairness to Mike Rowan, it was not his vision or ingenuity that created the CMI designation and concept. That credit goes to Nick Gromicko. It will probably have to be his marketing genius that will take it to the next level. Rowan’s attempt to ASHIfy and FABIfy it failed, big time.

Can someone market it and develop it without bastardizing it, as Rowan did? I hope so.

In all fairness to Mike if he wasn’t able to Handel it he should Not have accepted the job. I think the President of CMI should Not be a vendor. That way there is no conflict. Hopefully Nick will make some changes and get CMI back on track.

CMI will be brought back on track.

I doubt it will happen with current leadership in the Presidential or ED slots for the CMI Board.

Last time these guys put it on the front burner, it turned into an instasnt cluster f#*k. Leave it on the back burner for now.