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Bravo!! Joe M.

Yeah, makes perfect sense to me, might as well endorse channeling or remote viewing as a legitimate avenue for obtaining an accredited education since there is no absolute way to know if the test taker is “really” who he says he is… :sarcasm:

Using education as a substitute for experience is like using an umbrella to control the weather.

Actually, what has happened is that Nick decided to open CMI designations up to anyone who wants one; inspection association non-specific. This means that non-NACHI members now qualify.

It is a Professional Designation tied to education. Nick was advised by legal counsel that restrictions would be deemed as consumer-unfriendly, especially as “experience” in lieu of education wouldnt cut it.

So, as painful as the decision was for him, the fact that a small representation of our 7500 members voiced opposition, it would no longer be offered exclusively to our membership. It was HIS trademarked entity that he offered exclusively to members of the association the HE founded and funded for many, many years. Maybe he felt that he wasnt up to fighting or convincing. Since some didnt want it, poked fun at it, didnt support it, he opened it to ANYONE who may want it.

What could have been a great thing, marketing wise and educationally for OUR membership alone, has been taken away.

I think its a damned shame. In the end, the opposition to the exclusive program was childish, in my opinion, hurt fellow NACHI inspectors who would have benefitted from this program, and served no one. Less than 65 voices stopped a viable program for 7500 exclusive would-be beneficiaries.

Fair? Doesnt seem so…

Dont think ASHI and NAHI guys want this? Think again. Now they can get it, without joining NACHI.

As to the inane whinings of Joe B, I invite all to review the old message board archives havng to do with Florida legislative efforts. There, you wil see Joe B in all his self-serving glory of a year or so ago. At one pojnt, Joe desperately needed NACHI. Now he doesnt, and for one so opposed to this fine organization, one who was thrown off the MAB by its own members, and one who has little use for his fellow members, one has to wonder why he stays… How quickly we forget, Joe. Seems to me that the same argument you make today is the same argument your opponents in Florida used against you before you met their “experience” requirements.

Anyone who spends money on this pie-in-the-sky wet dream without an outside accrediting body endorsing its validity should probably have his head examined. My guess it was dumped because it was DOA, time will tell.

I haven’t been following this from the beginning but I take it that it also means that the designation no longer requires x number of inspections to qualify…yes?

And what is stopping NACHI members from taking the courses and getting the designation? Also I would hope that the arrangement for the courses would include some money going into the NACHI coufers.


Get real, Joe.

It’s still offered to NACHI members, and will still be pushed as the way to go. It wont hurt with marketing, counts toward required CE, and is a very good thing.

Tell me… are you going to try and argue with a prospective client that your competitions CMI designation is worthless, because in your self-serving opinion, it is somehow not acreddited? You’ll be viewed as a scared opportunist, desperately trying to discredit your competition. Clients will gaze at you like cows staring at a passing train… I want to be there for that one.

Good plan, Joe.


That is how it will divide the membership to ashi standards also.

And what is stopping NACHI members from taking the courses and getting the designation?


That would mean that the NHIE would not have existed as it was created by ASHI (not endorsed by an outside accrediting body.)

All good ideas start somewhere. And now that there is an independant, outside body forming the qualifications…

Joe F., sorry if you thought my objections to the CMI for NACHI were childish, but I expressed what I believed was a serious concern witha very flawed idea. NACHI is not the place to be creating or handing out designations. The need for the CMI is not clear, and the rush to establish it was even more perplexing.

I am glad that we can take a step back and - even if it isn’t our own in-house designation - do something to move education of all HIs forward. I am not as wrapped up in the cultural wa between associations, so I dont feel as passionately about it being a NACHI only thing.


Of course you can back up your cockamamie drivel? Explain if you can my desperation and how NACHI steeped in and saved the day. Please feel free to use both sides of the paper.

Just to set the record straight and make myself perfectly clear. I do not “need” you or NACHI. I have from the start maintained my independence and reserve the right to freely associate with whomever I choose and will vigorously defend that right to the extent the law will allow.


Spoken like a true two-face. Go back and check your posts. All in the name of liberty and justice for all. Hogwash. You were afraid that the provisions of the proposed law would put you out of business at one time. You even sent me an e-mail asking for my assistance with the proposed licensing bill. You were fighting on this message board with FABI and ASHI guys every day.

Cockamamie drivel? Only spewing from your pseudo-intellectual mouth, Joe. On this mesage board, and at one time, over on Inspection News. com

Your arguments were legendary.

There are no minimums to qualify for CMI right now. Any HI can take it.

I am not sure where it stands except that it sounds like the idea is now in the hands of an external committee.

OK, I am still not sure where things stand exactly, but I am more than willing to offer my help, and I have volunteered for the oversight board.

(See? I CAN do more than just gripe!!:smiley: ) I am not sure what to expect, but perhaps that is the best way to go into this process with few preconcieved ideas and a few clearly defined goals.

And how would this be preferable to a visualized battle-plan? It seems to me that you simply stumble through life without direction or a clearly defined goal, mistaking luck for talent earned through experience, synchronicity will only take you so far in life.

Yours is probably a workable method when purchasing lottery tickets, not so sure how it works in building a sound business or HI association.

Boy, I am sure glad that I did not start a local NACHI chapter

CMI - The more education that all members of our profession get the better the profession. Keep the cost down. Remember all the information is probably indexed in Google for free. Even Joe’s BB postings from last year.

It will take a long time for joe home owner to understand CMI. So for the short run it will only mean something to he or she who gets it. Lets see who becomes the first MASTER.


There is no substitute for experience, and nothing much worse than bad experience. My father played golf for 40 years and never quite knew which club to use and always wore the wrong shoes.

When he used to spew his drivel about how much experience he had, everybody laughed!

I think I hear some snickering.

That may in fact be the case with Rita-The-Realtor as she doesn’t know the difference between NACHI, ASHI et al, but Joe Homeowner is much smarter then you give him credit for.

Of course, JH is fairly good at detecting BS, so if CMI remains an MMG (meaningless marketing gimmick), don’t expect him to GAS (give a $hit). :smiley:

Funny, Joe - there has been only one voice on this MB calling for a NACHI strategic organizational plan for the last year - and it ain’t yours!

Also, you may note that the original post you quoted mentioned specifically identifying a few clearly defined goals as our starting point. Or are you in such a rush to pontificate that you forget to read?

I have developed Strategic Organizational Plans for 4 non-profits, 1 University (then a college), 3 small businesses, 2 capital campaigns and 6 political campaigns. I know a little about planning.

This is clearly a move designed to start over and develop a REAL plan. The first step is identifying goals. Then a SWOT analysis.

It seems to me that you stumble through life mistaking self-love for admiration, age for wisdom, and repetition for applicable knowledge. It probably works on those who don’t know any better, but it isn;t any way to form a successful or useful Strategic Plan.

Joe M - Bullseye!

Hey maybe you’d like to do a little distance consulting work for a state inspectors organization her in Wisconsin, as soon as some of us do a little house cleaning with new elections.