CMI poll

YES, I see no inevitability of CMI, it is an illusion perpetrated by a myth. Where licensing will someday be mandatory, CMI will never court such favor. Furthermore, if experience is continued to be left out of the equation, I would expect CMI to be remembered only as a bad idea enshrined as a regrettable blemish on our profession… Time will tell.


We train people every day to do quality jobs with no experience. A person can come from a number of other professions and be a good HI - even a Master.

CMI right now is an educational badge. Some badges are for just taking a test. Some are for just sending in $$ and a certain # of inspections to use their Logo etc.

The market will also tell if one is good. If a person, by your idea of good, is not qualified to inspect a dog house gives the client what he wants, what is the problem?

Sometimes a client must learn the hard way – Lets not count on the Government to protect the population against all ills. Heck they can’t even do a good job with a little wind storm along to Gulf coast.

People learned about waiting for the gov bus –

CMI shows one did not just get off the boat. You probably know that to qualify for a licence in NY you almost have enough hrs to be a master and you have some field experience. No exam at all.

The FCC once had commercial radio licenses and they deregulated. All the time and $$ that many payed to get that licence went down the drain. It also helped to kill a complete industry because it allowed everyone with a test box to get into the profession. The quality of communication for the clients went UP

We will get your mind right yet

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Should keep you busy for a while I expect. :smiley: Here is a thought to help you on your way… The mind grows narrow in proportion as the soul grows corrupt.

And that I am in agreement on