CMI requested by a consumer in West Virginia.

Dear MICB:


A Certified Master Inspector in the vicinity or within 100 mile radius of Williamson, WV to inspect the serious water damage to church due to poor drainage; Mold build -up on interior walls and cracks in exterior wall.

Recommended Solution to problem and recommendations for repair needed ,also.

Location: Logan Street First Baptist Church
620 Logan Street
Williamson, WV 25661

Please use this e-mail address to respond or call Henry R. Moore, Trustee Board Chairman 304-235-3268

Your immediate reply is needed and will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Willene H. Moore,
General Secretary
Logan Street First Baptist Church
Rev. Gerald Dotson, Pastor

AnnointMichael as a CMI, or maybe you can have Dingleberry make it happen.
Mike just got fitted with some new dentures and is ready to roll.
Give him a break.

So now only CMI’s get referrals…

Sign up boys and girls!

The CMI site gets a lot of consumer traffic: Nothing like InterNACHI’s sites, but nothing to sneeze at either.

Great idea, Linas! I believe I have the credentials, just don’t have the money for the logo yet!

Thanks for having my back! :smiley:


Michael, I’ll send you my check for $2,500.00 in the morning. In the meantime, apply for your CMI online but stop short of page 3 (the payment page). That way they can start processing your application now. Once you get my check, deposit it and then mail your check into the MICB. Don’t run off with my money ;).

You might as well try to land this inspection lead (post #1) too.

Just sent them an email, Nick.

Are you serious? You’d do that? I don’t wanna tick anyone off… There must be a catch!

Running off with your money is the last thing on Earth I would ever do. I stole a piece of bubble gum from the grocer when I was 5. Mom discovered it, slammed on the brakes, raced back to the store (whipping my *** all the way in). Made me apologize to the owner and return the gum. The guy wanted to give it to me, till she threatened to whip his *** too!! Never stole another thing again…ever…

Answered in order asked:

Just did it.
No catch.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Planet InterNACHI…resistance is futile…:nachi:

Matter of fact…resistance is…well…stupid…:cool:

No problem Mike.
Do you need anything else?
IR camera?
New truck?

The way I read it is the person writing the email was the one wanting a CMI.

Hey Michael I thought you were a Kid I see ya actually have some gray hair:D

I died it gray to look “distinguished”, Charley! :|.)

Actually it was 1/2 gray by the time I turned 23, about 30 yrs ago…but I’m STILL a kid… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Linas.

The IR camera is next, but I’m waiting to get the proper training, and to get the right camera…

My Trailblazer works just fine for now :smiley:

Linas, I’m actually shopping around for a truck, what do you suggest?

Done. Inspection booked for this coming Saturday.

Thanks again Nick, and Linas, too! :smiley:

I’ve got a 2013 Chevy Silverado LTZ fully loaded which ran about $48k. 0% interest financing. Satellite Radio and navigation is a must!!

Cool. :cool:

I want to make it clear I never ever did reports on site even when I first started. I did however use a much simpler report at the time.

Who cares and how is this relative to this thread?:roll: