CMI requested by a consumer in West Virginia.

lol…I think Kevin made this post in another, relevant thread.

Or he’s fixing to come down here and take Saturday’s church inspection away from me. (thou shalt not steal)???

Better be careful…it’s deep in the southern coal fields…where the men are men, and the sheep are nervous…

Seems like it’s been a very productive couple days for you :smiley:

Congratulations Mike for being the one and only CMI in the entire State of West Virginia!

Exploit that in your marketing Mike.

I saw that when I put my zip code in yesterday! What a great marketing tool!

Yep, I realized it yesterday. Many changes reflecting that are coming to the website, and it’s almost time to order some more cards from Jessica.

I may just get some rack cards to announce (exploit;-)) that fact…

Thanks again Nick! …and to think when I first joined I couldn’t decide between ASSHI or NACHI…there is no choice, really.

Choosing between “nothing” and “more than you hoped for” is a no brainer…