CMI Subaru with 177K



Well, the second picture posted upside down for some reason

Must have some hella traction

Not bad actually.

Nice hood.

My Subaru Forester (2000) has over 190,000 miles and still runs “like a Subaru” which means tops! All original except for maintenance! Runs on synthetic oil and rustproofing (which we need here in Québec). My “other” vehicle is a 2009 Audi A4 “Quattro” and it costs twice as much to run as the Subaru!

Great vehicles!


Thanks Nick! CMA all the way!!! I wanted to make it stand out so had them make it pretty large.

Gilles, This Subaru has been a great car. Gets 32 on the highway and I put on a ton of miles. They use a lot of salt here though and the rear wheel wells are starting to rust. Otherwise, still runs like a top.