CMI testimonial

I know a lot has been said about CMI and does it mean anything or is it just a gimmick or just for marketing or whatever. It is a professional designation that some choose to participate in. Yes, buy. But you have to have a certain level of experience to get there. Realtors have designations too. GRI, ABR, CRB, CRS, etc. They do not have to pursue these to be a good Realtor but they too are a professional designations with marketing potential. We have a Realtor in town who has a lot of family wealth. She does not need to work but does choose to sell very high end Real Estate. I’ve pursued her business in the past without sucess. Recently I did have the opportunity to talk with her, explained what CMI is and that I am the only CMI in western South Dakota and the entire state of Wyoming. I am now her prefered inspector. This was because of the CMI designation. Not because of my good looks or slim waistline. I do not claim to be better than anyone because of this. No need to. Sells itself. You can be a great inspector without the CMI designation but why not show everyone that you have a verifiable level of experience to go along with your expertise? If CMIs were universally bad inspectors by definition masquarading as good inspectors with the name CMI I guess there would be something to complain about. But the truth is that you need to have some some experience to be a CMI and that is reflected by the designation awarded by the board. I’d like to see annual or semi annual proctored tests and CE credits required as part of being a CMI. That would add even more credbility and marketing, yes, marketing viability. Just my thoughts and experience.

Yep. Sells itself.

Good testimony.

Thanks for the testimonial Keith. You weren’t coaxed to submit this thread were you?:wink:

Yes, we made the whole story up. I actually wrote it for him to post.

I think you are teasing us … Roy

I wish it would work here in the KC area.

In a licensed state, like South Dakota where Keith is from… EVERY home inspector has a license… so licensing means nothing, just like it means nothing everywhere licensing is adopted, because everyone has a license.

Certified Master Inspector gives the top-producing agents something to hang their hat on.

Top producing agents here are using cheap inspectors, who are licensed. Having initials at the end of your name most often leads to high inspection prices and thorough reports, which are not needed here in KC, since basic, soft, inspections are allowed by state licensing. Cheap is better, for the agents at least. It will take a few years, and litigation, to swing our industry here the other way.

South Dakota has an SOP which isn’t too bad. It’s easy enough to exceed it but it’s not weak. In this particular case the Realtor has family wealth and really does not care if a deal blows. Really though deals should never blow over a good thorough inspection unless it reveils something major that cannot be resolved. A good Realtor can work through issues or advise their client to move on. Setting yourself apart can never be a bad thing. Yes, inspections for this Realtor are higher but she only sells larger luxury homes. So there you go.

No coaxing Linas. I did relate the story while in Boulder because it’s a true story and a good one. I don’t coax too easy. I think it belongs to be up for discussion. Kind of like those human interest news stories. They have value, doesn 't have to be all bad news :slight_smile:

The great thing with dealing with big estates is that they really don’t care and no one ever walks. I did one about 3 weeks ago a $10,000,000 house. We found $150,000 in defects. No one batted an eye, becasue in the scheme of things its only 1.5% of the purchase price.

The Realtors are much more seasoned and don’t live from house sale to house sale. I am glad that my tenure and marketing has paid off and these are typically the people I deal with. They want quality, bar none! Could care less oif the deals fall through. If a $10,000,000 dollar deal falls through they will sell them a $12,000,000 house.

I have yet to see a deal fall through where the person went DOWN in price. Meaning if a $100,000 house fell through they typically went for a $150,000 house. So, the PROFESSIONAL Real Estate people know how to serve their client and do so with class. I love where I work and the people I work with. Could have written it better if it were a script. Align yourself with people who you can be proud of and not have to hide from.

O yea, I am a CMI as well. Does it make all the difference? NOPE, but it a crucial piece of the puzzle that is needed to stand out. There is NO cure all or MAGIC potion, but CMI works for me and presently at $1,000 its a STEAL if your going to be in this profession for a while. If you plan on 5 years more, its only $200 a year. To me its a no brainer…