CMI update: Inspection industry leader becomes President of the MICB.

Michael Rowan has accepted the position of President of the Master Inspector Certification Board, which administers the Certified Master Inspector professional designation (the highest rank in the inspection profession).

Michael Rowan is an industry leader in technology for home inspectors, with a successful multi-inspector company as well. Michael started his career in home inspections in 1985. Michael attended college full-time and secured a diploma in Building Surveying/Inspection after which he spent 4 years finalizing his degree in Building Surveying/Inspection from Reading University, England. Following this qualification, Michael secured a Post Graduate Degree in Construction Project Management and immigrated to the United States. Upon immigrating, Michael finalized his State Certified General Contractor’s License in the state of Florida, became a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) and has taken numerous seminars and courses. Michael is also State certified to teach a home inspection course under Inspection Depot, Inc. and other courses associated with the home inspection industry. Michael has written the Home Guide reporting system and many other articles that are used in local, regional and national trade journals. Michael has personally completed over 10,000 home and building inspections.

The Master Inspector Certification Board is pleased to announce its first President, Michael Rowan.

Welcome Mister President

Congrats, Mr. Rowan.

Greetings Michael Rowan,

What are your plans for CMI? What does the future look like?

Good for you!!! welcome to our great BB
Roy Cooke

Hi to all,

Congratulations Michael

Nick, good call.



CONGRATULATIONS! If you need any assistance, please contact me.

Happy Thanksgiving! Bill

Congradulations [FONT=Verdana]Mr. Rowan.[/FONT]

Nice to have you on board.

If you need help on General Contracting, feel free to ask. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

Mr. Rowan

Congratulations – Hope Inspection Depot will be giving big discounts to NACHI members for education hrs – It will help us to become CMIs

We might need it if licensing keeps going the way ASHI wants it

Once again congratulations


I for one could kiss ASHI’s lobbyists and hope they keep going the way they have been… legislating themselves into obscurity. Remember, fake credential-only, no-member benefits to speak of associations get wiped out wherever licensing is adopted. Keep cutting your throat ASHI, keep watching your membership numbers decline, keep failing to make membership in your diploma mill mandatory anywhere in the world, and keep pushing for licensing where inspectors will get their credentials from the state and get everything else from NACHI… ding dongs. :roll: :slight_smile:

Anyway, congratulations Michael!

And a reminder to Certified Master Inspectors everywhere from the rest of us everywhere… keep raising your prices please.

Tis Music To Mine Ears…:cool:

cha ching.!

and music to non-CMI’s ears too John.

If the best in our industry will raise their pricing they will pull up the rest of us underneath them. We should all be charging 3 times what we are as a profession.

Are there any folks who bought the CMI logo who can say they have noticed any significant increase in income?

Let me ask the question this way…has anyone noticed an increase in sales besides CMI schools?..:smiley:

Huh? Dale, I don’t think you get it yet.

My wife take most of my call for me. I always ask her
why the client selected our company to do the inspection.

She says:

1- CMI (Masters must be better)
2- Free Warranty (Security)
3- 25+ Yrs Exp in construction vs just reading books (Confidence)
4- We do not work for Realtors (Whew… I finally found you)


Two… well… let’s just call them Eastern Europeans. Two Eastern Europeans buy watermellons in the south for $1 each and drive them in a truck up north where they sell them for $1 each. After a few weeks one Eastern European said to the other… “We don’t seem to be making any money, what is the problem?” The other Eastern European answered “I know, we need a bigger truck.”

You should not exploit your CMI designation to as you said “increase” the number of inspections you do (or watermellons you sell). You should exploit your CMI to explain to the buyer who calls you and asks you “How much do you charge for a home inspection?” why it is in his/her best interest to pay you $100 more than all your competitors.

You probably need to come to one of the free seminars Michael and I put on, but if you can’t do that… read … twice.

Just like most any other designation. Before you can buy it you have to qualify!!

I can not say if the CMI designation has increased my business but it MOST CERTAINLY has not hurt it. Just another feather in the cap so to speak. And I want all the feathers I can get. Go to my website & you will see what I am talking about. I Feel I stand out in a crowd - in an area where the competition is plenty & tough. If you don’t have an edge you not only can not charge higher prices but you also lose the opportunity to recieve a phone call.

Welcome aboard Michael.