CMI Update

No idea.


Looks good - seem a little different that when it first started as an idea but what we see is what we have. I am a little in the dark as to the term “NACHI staff” I would have liked to have seen a little more control of this program from the members but that is ok.

Are there any ideas as to how may members can jump up to the CMI merit badge?



Sounds like a good start, I suppose. I will reserve judgement to see how the exam shapes up - that will be critical to making or breaking the desgination as something of “elite” status.

Also, the independent verification of CE credits and inspections performed will be critical.

Finally, I guess we have decided as an organization that tiered member status is definitely something we want? Or is that in the Strategic Organizational Plan (oh wait…nevermind…I know the answer to that one!)

How often will the exam be offered and is there limit as to the times you can take the exam ?

Will we only have to take it the one time ?



Nick is giving the CMI program to ITA - to run, not nachi. Phone call I got from my friends in ITA.



There is the executive Staff making the decissions. Does the membership get to vote on this process? Just asking? It would be nice if they could!


It is fair to say that the membership has no “real” vote as to what goes on here.

Heck, visit the “may I ask thread”

How very, very sad.:frowning:

Any ITA class I’ve ever attended is $$$$. What are we looking at for the CMI course/test?

Erol Kartal

BUMP- Interesting Pat


This almost reminds me of the canidate and member status?

Tom Fisher

I heard that CMI is going to be for all inspectors- ASHI- NACHI- NAHI-ETC.
ITA will post what the requirements are in a few days.
NACHI does not own CMI , NICK does

Pat Maietta
Pres. NYNACHI:shock: :shock: :shock: :roll: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not see a real problem here – yet

First point - we all know how high the rope is to jump over

The test is still in question – plus how does one get that much HONEST CE’s??

I sure would like to see a projection of how many members can presently jump this hi

I do believe that the people that do the evaluation should also be CMI’s – but that is only my thoughts.

Might be a good idea to get this info out to all members (email and snail mail)- not just us BB rats

I still like the program



Bravo Joe Bravo.

The MAB has addressed the issues that Joe has laid out. As with all projects, only those that get implemented and executed at a high level will succeed. Time will time the story. In the meantime, enjoy the thread.

I concur.

Really 1000 hours of ITA classes. Oh my god:shock: . I barely could do three days in Vegas of ITA for 20 hours. 150 days of ITA:(


Why did Joe delete the post?

Hmmmm…let me guess: Someone did not want that much information transmitted to members. Why is there such an institutional paranoia about transparancy at NACHI?