CMI usage

It is my understanding that CMI may not be used by Certified Mold Inspectors. Is this still the case? We have a local “CMI” who uses the designation for his mold business. He is not a home inspector. Thanks.

Nick, I appreciate this bulldog approach to CMI usage. Im not CMI yet, but plan to be. When I make it, I will appreciate it even more.

Keith just became our first CMI in the state of South Dakota. Congrats Keith!

Thanks Nick. How do I get the CMI logo onto the place where your picture goes on this forum? Nobody wants to look at my picture :slight_smile:

Keith, congratulations on becoming a Certified Mold Inspector.:smiley:

:slight_smile: Won’t go there :slight_smile:

Go to the message board, click on* Control Panel*, click on third link down on left Edit Profile Picture.

Did that and it says upload unsucessful. Pic is 100x100 pixels. We are having our 4 weeks of summer right now so this is sort of low priority but I want to be able to do this and look good on the board like all the others :slight_smile:

Congrats Keith

Keith…try the 8th one down…“Edit Avatar” and upload a 50x50 pixel photo.

Thanks Michael.

Welcome aboard Keith!