CMI Wall Plague

Never Seen These. Where do you get them and how much??

They are free, design your own, email for more info.

Should they not ( if free) send them to all CMI’s anyway.

Nope. There are many great free programs and products and services INTENTIONALLY announced SOLELY on this message board and no where else.

If inspectors frequent other message boards instead of this one… they lose out.

So you have to participate in the MB to receive forth coming benefits? That is F’ed up!

Nope. You don’t have to participate. But you do have to visit it. It’s where we announce free stuff. Don’t visit the message board? … you lose.

Fair enough. I’m willing to earn things, I’m not a freeloader looking for handouts:)

Then give us lowly CMI’s a plaque.:smiley:

Bottom line, iNACHI offers us everything we need to succeed… When I was starting out in 2003, Nick & NACHI helped me in ways uncountable! I haven’t been here much in the last few years (success has kept me very busy), but I will always appreciate the help I received here!!!

Has CMI become a disease?