CMI website updated to include new 2014 application fee.

We’ve also begun offering a new $100/month for 25 months plan: 0% down, 0% interest, no annual dues ever.

Great now we can hope those who complain about the CMI will now move on .

The one-time CMI application fee is likely going to $10,000.00 or more at the end of this year (2014) so apply soon.

Wow the application fee could be $10,000;00 what might the total cost be.

The total cost is nothing for existing CMIs (we don’t charge annual dues). It will likely go to a one-time, lifetime fee of $10K next year for new applicants.

May I ask who would pay that kind of money for a title?:slight_smile:

Students here spent 10000 in all just to get a Certificate for Home Inspection Marcel.

What kind of Certificate and what for, may I ask.?

Home Inspection Technician

Who is the issuing affiliate of that Certificate?

Sault College issued it under the Mike Holmes endorsed program.

Mike Holmes sign the Certificate?

Do you have a copy to share with all of us?

Nope but I have few that are in it now. Still running.
Remember that it was just endorsed by Mike Holmes.:wink:

Did you take that course?

Marcel do you have a comprehension problem! How could I take it or why would I take it anyways.

Nope, just asking if you took the course.

I believe Kevin has stated he once “taught” at Sault College.

That is why I was asking. :wink:

Kinda what I was thinking.

Marcel, if you weren’t already a CMI (well deserved) would you consider paying $10,000 for that title?