More bull****

…from whom, do you suppose?

It doesn’t take much to put two and two together if you read the list of approved schools and then read the list of directors. I will use the power of the dollar and boycott every trainer that is listed as an approved school. It looks like CMI is going to be an even more exclusive club than ASHI is.

So where are you guys building that big white tower where you can look down on us measly home inspectors? It really says a lot about the people that are supposed to be our so called leaders of the industry.

Darn, just when I was about to agree with that Greg.

CMI was sooooo last year John.:smiley:

What exactly is an advanced home inspection educational course? How many different ways can you inspect an attic or a roof? I can understand there being an advanced electrical course but what else? Were not going to disassemble a furnace because someone taught us how to.

Basically I would like to know what a seasoned non-CMI home inspector is missing out on educationally by not being a CMI.

Thank You.

First, our hapless heroes must define exactly what a CMI is. No one has done that yet. Rowan assigned this task to one of his appointed “watchdogs”, but nothing has come of it.

Once we know what a CMI is, then the providors of education must determine what to teach an inspector who already knows everything.

There is money in it so, no doubt, they will be successful - but I picture an instructor pointing at slides while a classroom full of CMIs sit and recite “I knew that already…I knew that already…I knew that already”.:smiley:

Honestly, the dilemma will come to a head when an education vendor is bold enough to ask the question…“What is it that CMIs do NOT know and need to be taught?” Once that question is asked and the void is identified, our masters are no longer masters. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…It is only Mike Rowan wanting to sell you something that he has yet to understand, himself.”

Right on James

Right now it is the number of hrs of related educated NOT the specific education that is of note

When it becomes subject and content for credit with a proctored test at the end then we have a true MESS

One should not make a masters program that of a batch of yes and know questions.

The United States Navy Nuclear Power Program started out as an essay program with JUDGEMENT CALLS of qualified people. Do not know what it is today but our CMI program should take some lessons from same

Keep it as a mixture of inspections and related education. When one starts to control content of education one will reduce the CMI to something that can be gotten off of ebay

This is not what it is meant to be

Home Inspection is not a “Yes or No” check list business - it is a business of professional opinions

CMI’s better have an area of debate over some issues related to inspections otherwise we become master test takers and that is not what a MASTER program is all about.

If we really want to put our a$$"s where our mouth is, Then keep the CMI program open as it is presently is .


Uh Richard? It’s already on Ebay.


My CWS class is CMI caliber. Ask Jim B what the final exam was like. 50 questions, open book, T/F & multiple choice. Average of an hour to complete. :shock:

Questions taken directly from the slide presentation. All students had slide materials.:wink:

Then ask me why the test was set up the way it was:cool:


Your CWS class is relevant to all home inspectors who come in contact with private wells. It is structured in such a manner that everyone…from a first year home inspector to a 35 year veteran…can learn and benefit. The test will challenge anyone who takes the course.

The question Erol asked that I addressed goes back to the earliest conversations relating to “advanced” courses for CMIs. What specific skills are required by a CMI that are NOT required by any other home inspector - that an “advanced” course would provide?

I believe that the correct answer to this question is that all home inspectors are required to acquire and apply the skills that are required by the SOP they inspect by and until such time that a CMI is defined as something other than a title denoting a level of experience and/or presumed ability, the training will be the same for a CMI as it would be for anyone else.