CMI's busy in Asia?

Dear Sir/Madam

I’m sorry to disturb you so abrupt. We are a domain name registration service company in Asia,

On 29th March. we received a formal application submitted by Mr. John Sun who wanted to use the keyword “certifiedmasterinspector” to register the Internet Brand and with suffix such as .cn / / domain names.
After our initial examination, we found that these domain names to be applied for registration are same as your domain name and trademark. We aren’t sure whether you have any relation with him. Because these domain names would produce possible dispute, now we have hold down his registration, but if we do not get your company’s an reply in the next 5 working days, we will approve his application
As authorized anti-cybersquatting organization we hereby suspect Mr. John Sun is a domain investor. so we need you to attach importance to this issue.
In order to handle this issue better, Please contact us by Fax ,Telephone or Email as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely         2010-3-30
Oversea Marketing Manager

Room 1008,
International Building,
No.38 YueLong road,NanTong City

I already wrote them… thanks.

Man it’s already starting.