CMI's may soon be exempt from taking state approved continuing education.

The MICB is working with several licensed states on legislation that would give CMIs an exemption from fulfilling their required continuing education using state approved courses.

Our argument is that nearly all state approved continuing education options are offered by schools who, for economic reasons, tend to offer basic courses. Having CMIs sit through basic 101 courses again is of little value to the CMI or the general public.

We still want CMIs to be required to fulfill the same number of continuing education hours as other licensed home inspectors, but we want CMIs to be exempt from having to seek out only those courses approved by the state, and instead be permitted to take advanced courses or inspection-related courses outside the scope of home inspection regardless of whether they are state approved or not.


Excellent, anything that adds creditability to the CMI program can only work to everyone’s advantage.

I am pleased to see this designation improve, if you keep up the good work there is no doubt that CMI will soon be attracting the best & brightest our profession has to offer.

Joe, you might recall a long time ago I had planned on pushing legislation that would lead to reciprocity between states via use of a credential (CMI) that exceeds all state licensing requirements. This is an effort in that direction.

Interestng, and may be worth chasing. However, and depending on statute, existing laws may still REQUIRE CE credits, regardless of designation. Given the challenge my course faces in Illinois, this treck may be difficult in some states, especially as it pertains to advanced courses.

This is absolute BS, you must have gottin’ in when it was early… I am not sure what the new requirements are, but rest assured I will not participate until I have at least 1000 HI’s, 5 years and over 500 Credit hours of schooling. So, I need 1.7 years and 175 inspections. CMI , I hate it. Marketing gimick for you and for your marketing material. It is no different than saying you are a Certified inspector when all you have done is pass the NACHI hooops. I feel sad.:frowning:

Just do your job and do it well and the rest will follow.

What are the State approved courses for CMI in AZ ?? Does the BTR except them or is this a NACHI thing?

I used to feel the same when I did not have the qualifications to meet the standard.
I’ll wager that once you achieve the standard you will become a firm supporter of the standard. It helps with marketing but there is also a great deal of personal satisfaction.

To use your phrase I feel fits what I found on your web site exactly .

( This is absolute BS )You can put your self just where ever you wish to be Make sure they’re insured. A professional inspector should be insured for “errors and omissions”, commonly called E&O insurance. This means that if the inspector misses something during the inspection, you can file a claim against that insurance for the repairs of the problem. Also, check the inspector’s
You as far as I am concerned are painting a big Bulls eye on your back and are saying I have protection and you should use me .
You are also saying I am new and might miss somthing.
This has been discussed many times over the years and it is usually the unsure or newer HIs who feel this is and advantage .
The established Home inspector want little to do with this .
I do know when I get asked by a Client I suddenly do not want him as He has said I just might sue you .

I feel THE CMI has and will continue to grow . The choice is your join now or not.

Roy Cooke…dam proud to be a CMI

CMI may grow…but then, so does mold. The question is, will it be viable. Not with Jeff Hooper involved:

To think that state legislatures are going to go into session to rewrite their licinsing laws to accommodate a home inspection association is unrealistic. It just isn’t going to happen. Period.

Gee I wonder why you would say that It happened in Canada years ago .
I got me Electrical License for Toronto back in the fifties .
They brought out a provincial Liceinse in the sixties .
Those who became Journeyman with a pass of 70% got the Ontaria License those who where over 80% got what was called an Interprovincial .
It is still that way today .
I had to go back and take some classes to fine tune my self and got my Interprovincial just managed to get a 98% guess I did not pay enough attention in class.
So my feeling is NICK could be right if you have a CMI it tell the powers to be these people are the “elite” and we should do as every one else does Give the chance to pay us for a license . .
I know it is done in Canada If you have proof you have taken a gun handling course and have a up to date hunting license you can get a license in any other province.
I do think this is also the way it is done in the USA.
The choice is yours compain about all who have the CHI or come on in the waters fine.
Roy Cooke Dam proud to have my CMI

With all due respect, Roy, our local governments work a bit differently than yours.

You guys should have joined in with our 13 colonies a couple of hundred years ago when we had our little “tea party”. :wink:

He might have, he just didn’t throw the tea in the Harbor, he fled home and sold it for a profit, and started an HI, business.


Oh, yes…I forgot. Roy, you were actually there, weren’t you?:wink:

Just kidding.

Yes and I still Like Tea to this day .
It is nicer in the T bags does not leave the T leaves in you mouth .
I do miss the lovely little wooden T boxes with the tin angles for corner protectin.
I also miss the Orange crates we used to make scooters from and used as cupboards when I first got married .
I wonder would they be worth money now.

Roy Cooke A proud Canadain CMI

:smiley: :smiley: You’re a good sport, Roy.

Hey I came up in Construction and could have a screeming disagreement with the plumber and go out that night for supper and pool .
We had to get along tomorrow .
If it gets to hot I just say we have to agree to disagree and move on.

Roy Cooke Glad to be A CMI and make more money .

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: