CMI's & Their Inspection Fee's

You guys are overthinking it.

CMI means nothing to your client, this is true. It doesn’t make you a better inspector than the next experienced inspector. Your client won’t even ask that.

When I say I’m a “Certified Master Inspector”, I usually get an “oh wow, I made the right choice”, or something to that affect.

They know what Master Plumber means, Master Electrician, Master Service Technician, etc., and CMI touts that designation. Is it true? Not necessarily. But it gives your client the perception you are among an Elite Group (and you are, actually). That’s what sells.

Perceptions sells, performance gets referrals and repeats. Every time.

If you have the title, then you should live the title, IMHO. You should be the best, do your best, and go above and beyond normalcy.

Mr Bowers is right, a CMI charging rock bottom prices is not doing CMI’s, themselves, their business, or this industry, any good.


For me, the CMI designation is simply added to my list of qualifications. My fees are not directly based on that list, but are a bit higher than the average of other inspectors in my market area, because I’ve been here longer than most of the others, and am in some demand. NY is a license state, so in the eyes of the uninformed, every licensed inspector is equal… it’s up to each of us to set ourselves apart from the pack.