co-ax and high voltage cable in the same conduit

Intrinsically, I know its wrong to run co-ax cable through a cutout hole in the side of this conduit elbow where high voltage cable also resides. Do you agree? disagree?

Thanks, TG

It’s only wrong if the low-voltage cable insulation is not rated the same as the higher voltage cable insulation.



What about cutting into the conduit fitting to insert the co-ax? without sealing the hole, the conduit fitting is no longer watertight, No?


I don’t think that the LB fitting would continue to be watertight, anyways, due to the cover not being able to be put back on with the cable entering it.



Its hard to see, but the cable guy carefully cut a recess in the left side of the fitting, so the cover would fit. I took the cover off to determine if there was high voltage wiring inside. Also, if you look at the right side, he drilled a hole to insert a cable there as well.

Whatever, the making the modification by itself is wrong, isn’t it? I guess what I am asking is, am I being too picky? Would the AHJ approve this installation?

I have worked for the Cable companies and yes it needs to be removed immediately.
One call should do it.

The Cable guy will have it out of his check.

Yeah…technically it is wrong to alter the fitting. UL tested it as it was meant to be used and once you alter it, it loses its listing. Also, any type of raceway is supposed to be somewhat ‘explosion proof’ or rather contain the flame and when you drill holes into the side of the raceway, it defeats that purpose.


p.s. when I mean somewhat explosion proof I don’t mean XP rated.

This is a serious VIOLATION of the 2008 NEC in Section:

**[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2]820.133 Installation of Coaxial Cables and Equipment.

**[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2][FONT=Times-Bold]size=2 Separation from Other Conductors. :slight_smile: