CO Chapter planning 2-day Septic Certification.

Get certified to inspect onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Details coming soon.

When I was there, Nick, Pillar to Post did a good class on that . . .

I would like to become certified to do septic tanks, but with a nose as big as mine I’m not sure that would be the best move I ever made!!! :^o #-o

This 2-day one looks so good that I would fly to it from out of state. Especially if my market has a lot of septic systems.


When is it? I need to check airfare.

April 24th and 25th, you would fly into Denver, aiport code DEN. If it is just you I can put you up at my house.

Todd, say the word-
Party at Nick’s Place!!!

I used to live in Denver, Aurora, Longmont, Loveland, and Berthoud. Not all at the same time. :wink:

I LOVE Colorado!!!

Longmont, Loveland, and Berthoud

My old stompin’ grounds, before moving here . . .

I hate cities…but I’ll be there…hop skip and a jump…

I might show up, but I’ll be using an alias.

Now you know why we gave birth to Colorado NACHI - in Longmont!

Eww…even worse…I drove to Longmont on Xmas eve couple of years ago to pick up my son’s new quad…last one of that model in the state…cute town, too bad it’s so ugly :wink: and flat :wink:

No disagreement (I lived on an 80-acre ranch in Berthoud) - but, it’s not a city!

I like Berthoud…but I prefer where you live now and where I live now…

Ice is coming off the pond…

I worked at This Old House Restaurant when I was 16 before it went out of business. We were famous for our Prime Rib and English Trifle.

Do you know of it?

Where was your ranch? I lived down the end of Main St. on the outskirts of town. I loved it there. I could get on my horse and just ride. No barriers.

Hey, Wendolyn -
About 3 miles down Weld County Line Road, which is the road south of the cemetary (a mile east of Berthoud). Old 1915 farm house, about a mile south of the shotgunners’ club.

Or, in other words, about a mile south of the Little Thompson River.
Anyplace else, they’d call it a “crick”.