Co meters worth weight in gold

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The outside ambient was 92 degrees today during the inspection and my find was gold. I check furnaces 365 a year regardless of outside temp.

The radiant heat wall type gas furnace was in the area of 30 years in age and tested.030 parts per million Co. The seller of the home was in her 80’s and did not have a clue that her furnace was bad. This furnace also had to close of a clearance to the wood at the top of the wall plate going into the attic and the wood plate had charred almost to the point of ignition. I really do not know what kept this home from burning to the ground. I think someone was looking over this lady. Her last statement to me as I was leaving was DO YOU HAVE ANY MORE BAD NEWS???

Don’t argue with an idiot someone watching may not be able to tell the difference.