CO Sniffer

The time has come for me to buy a new CO Detector. Any recommendations?

I bet your going to get different recommendations from many people on that one.:wink:

I have an industrial level quality Impulse pro. This puppy is built very well and programable for exposure, time, limits and alarm. A bit on the expensive side but what is your life worth??

Better do your home work and shop around…:smiley:

Are you looking for an alarm? Then it’s got to be the NCI3000 or the CO Expert.

If you are looking for a testing meter exactly what will you be testing. Home ambient levels or flue levels?

Bachrach Monoxor II does not auto zero the display after warmup. That means when you turn it on it displays the ambient level. The Monoxor III can be programmed to either manual or auto zero the display as well as being able to print out the readings via an infrared printer.

Auto zero display meters must be turned on outdoors in an area where carbon monoxide should not be present. Otherwise if you turn it on indoors and there is 10 or more PPM of CO it will display zero PPM :shock: . Not a good thing, something to consider.

Thanks guys - good info.