Co Well water testing

Are there any Colorado Inspectors doing well water testing? If so, are you using the state LSD? Liability concerns? Pricing?
Alpine Home Inspection

I do offer “well water sampling”, and utilize our County Health department lab for the analysis.
They have a “chain of custody” that I follow, and its fairly specific, but other than that,
I’m not sure what you are referring to…LSD?

I did take NACHI’s “Well Water Sampling” training conducted by Joe Farsetta
when he was in Boulder a couple years ago, and HIGHLY recommend it.
I learned so much about water contamination, COD, Artesian vs. Shallow, etc. that I was truly amazed,
and I believe it provided me enough information and confidence to get started in providing this service.

I charge a $90 fee, along with the inspection fee.

Thanks. The state Department of Health Laboratory Services Division (LSD). Our county doesn’t do testing. Do you have language in your agreement regarding well water testing?

Jack asks:

NACHI.TV episode on well testing:

Well meter:

Thanks Nick. All very helpful.