Co2 Detector- What do you use??

Hello Everyone… I am in the market for a Co2 detector and wanted to know what everyone else may be using. I have been looking at the Sniff-it detector and several others, but just wanted some other feed back before making a purchase, Thanks for you help in advance!!

Christopher Rich
A Closer Look, LLC
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Also, does any one also carry the gas analyzers?

Christopher, a Carbon Dioxide detector, really?

I’ve never seen dry ice on a property, so there’s no need to check for Co2 as it’s pretty safe to work around.


It’s a CO detector.

I utilize the UEi Carbon Monoxide Detector.

Ok… Hahaha!! Right thoughts wrong key strokes… At least we have humor on the board. I would have typed the same thing.


I am using a Nighthawk combination CO and Explosive gas tester, it gives you a digital reading of parts per million PPM of both, works good and only 40-50 bucks at menards or home depot