CO2 Meter

I’m looking to upgrade some tools. Do any of you recommend a certain brand of Co2 detector (meter)? I’m looking between $300-500…

Are you talking about a CO detector? Carbon Monoxide? I use a Snifit model 50. Works very well.

I highly recommend this CO2 meter. Our inspectors always check and report CO2 levels inside and outside of the home.

Youse guys really need to gets your crap together…

Why would you be testing CO2 and not CO?!

This drives me nuts. agents are asking me “are there any CO2 alarms in the house?”

Just reply honestly… “No, there are not”, and walk away.
Let them deal with their own stupidity.
I’m certain your client will understand what is in your report.

You really need to look at my link if you want a ***CO2 monitor.***:wink:…htm?PID=73190