COA Atlantic City Poker Tourney

Had a great time at the conference. Took second place in the poker tourney. Not to bad.

It was great getting to meet Dom, Dale, Bill, Drew, Chris, John, and Lisa.

I’m sure I forgot a few names, but it was a good experience and I look forward to doing it again.

It was an awesome time!! Lots of fun. I’m already looking forward to the big Vegas conference where we’ll have Inspector GoKart Racing and another Poker Tournament!

I’ll be at that one. Sent the wife to atlantic city :slight_smile:

Was great to meet you as well Troy!
Had a great time with everyone.

It was great meeting you too Troy as well as everyone else. I didn’t play Poker though. Maybe if I didn’t live 45min away, I would have participated in more.:frowning: Still a great time though!

You must play next year. It was a blast. We had around 70 to 80 inspectors playing.

When is the vegas one?

Oct 8 to 10.