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Things have been pretty slow here lately. in the last month I have been contacted a couple of times about doing inspections on the coast. Does anyone out there do inspections on the coast , my questions are what are some of the special concerns that a inspector needs to look for when inspecting houses in salt air. I can imagine it does a number on siding if not taken care of, but what about crawl space issues? any advice would be appreciated
Thanks David

Well David, I did them on the Washington coast and some key points to look at are of course retaining walls, make sure they are properly built with good drainage, the other thing of course is your WDO’s, and rust on piping appliances and etc. And if you happen to get one up close to the water make sure to check for the obvious water markings on the home, also due to the high wind factor, ensure things are battened down and properly attached like with your normal inspection, pay special attention which way the house faces due to the wind factor, these are a few and there are always more things to check good luck.

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I work the Alabama Gulf Coast.

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The salt air in Florida decreaces the life expectancy of an air contioner greatly. Make sure to check the outside unit for damage, especially the coil fins around the compressor.