Coax degrades after 7 years?

I was at a service call today to repair a tv and ran into a technician for Bell Canada. He said something I don’t know if I believe. He said that Bell is working to install fiber optic cables in order to eliminate the need for satellite dishes for their tv service as well as improve their internet service (that part I believe too bad that won’t improve their customer service). He also said that copper coax used for internet connection degrades at the molecular level, after 7 years it needs to be replaced.
Anyone hear of this? Maybe this is just marketing tactics to get people thinking about switching over to fiber optic when it becomes available.

The fiber optic cable is for the trunk lines and not to the home.
You will still be on coaxial.

What happens with most coaxial is squirrels eat it.(the sheathing)
Most of us suspected the manufacturers rubbed the casings with nut oil. (lol)

Fiber optic is way faster but expensive.

Had no idea Canada was so far behind

Yup, the elements and nut oil (can’t type it without chuckling…thanks) seems much more reasonable than molecular degradation due to internet traffic (darn porn).

I don’t know what the progress is like in the large cities like Toronto and Vancouver but down here in the armpit of Canada it seems as though we like to take our time catching up to the rest of civilization.

Heh heh.
To lazy to look but I have a picture of a squirrel fried by a power line near my house and his balls blew up.

On second thought that’s too gross.

OK that is just wrong.

Is that your backyard Jeff? :mrgreen: