Code Check Books for Sale

Excellent New Condition, Package of 4 code check books:

Code Check HVAC 2nd Edition
Code Check Plumbing 3rd Edition
Code Check Electrical 4th Edition
Code Check An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House 5th Edition.

Each Book has a cover price of $17.95.
Shipping weight of all 4 is 1lb, 14.3 oz ($4.95 postage).

Now accepting offers.

Ship them all to me with a bill for the full amount and I’ll give them away as a door prize.

Nick Gromicko
1750 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Thanks Nick.

Mark are you going oob? I hope not…

yes and no. I moved so I’ve re-located and am starting over.

ok thats good…

All the best Mark glad its you and not me .
With your Knowledge you should land running .

Best of luck on the move and the “New start”.

So that lower-baller Billy ran you out of business around St. Louis.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again, Mark, for all the help you gave us inspectors in Missouri.

Where r u moving to?

Already moved… Springfield Ohio

Congrats and good luck

Get that new website going Mark.